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Christine Bauer - Blog

Up My Game

OMG ! I read my old bio here and it says I just released my CD. Some good songs on there I may re- record someday, but I'm writing too many new ones to go back. I know my performance has improved a lot, but I still don't know much about the business.I'm pleased that I can play and sing what I hear inside my head now. My recent sessions at a good studio has raised my bar significantly. I listened to James keelaghan play live and he raised my self expectations, he said that his mentor told him to surround himself on stage with musicians who are way better than him. I need to change my Bio.

Why Write?

There is always a part of me or my life in every song I write. I write about personal experience or what I've seen others experience. Sometimes what I write about makes people feel uncomfortable, addiction, strikes, war, ecology, living dreams and life before their last day. The songs mostly write themselves and will often take me to musical places I've never been. An annoying aspect of this is the song will play in my head while I try to sleep and then greet me in the morning until it is complete.
When I start recording songs I stop writing and focus on the songs being recorded. But My musical joy is in the writing. I'm often asked how do I write? Recently a method for my writing has evolved. Hard to explain, I loose my self in the creative process. I allow myself to be caught inside a creative flow, like being immersed within my inner self with little connection to my outer self. My outer self, guitar and vocals, becomes the messenger often unable to yet perform the song being created within the inner self. It's frustrating to hear the guitar licks and be unable to play them or the melody and unable to sing the notes. It takes me a lot of repetition to learn to play and sing. When I was young I was quite tone deaf and I've struggled with that all my life. Now I can perform somewhat in public, I'm not commercial or mainstream, in all areas of my life I need to go where few if any have ventured, The beaten path is too predictable and requires little effort to navigate. I feel more alive when I blaze my own trail.

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  1. 17-02-2012

    Christine,if I could play and sing the tunes in my head I would be "bad ass".What I've done was forced into existence.Practice is my drug of choice.

  2. 13-02-2012
    Christine Bauer

    Sounds like I'm on drugs.....Hee Hee.....Writing is my drug of choice.

Recording 1st week of feb

Well.......At least one person read my last Blog. I think I will think of the Blog as more of a journal. I just made a killer soup, Pork broth I had in the freezer, Black beans, Chick peas, Brown lentils, green split peas, brown rice, carrots mushrooms, celery, onion, cabbage, grated fresh parmacen cheese, tumeric, salt cayanne pepper, fresh ginger, Italian herbs , makes me think of my childhood moments in the S. of France and tons of garlic makes me think perhaps why I don't get asked on dates...... Wow!!... aren't these journals great? The self discovery... there's a song there somewhere....
A week and I'll be in the studio, starting my new songs...I have enough new songs since August last year for a CD, Those songs I've been told are on another level. I've had people say they won't buy my old CD now they want my new songs, they heard at a performance. What I'm really excited about are my newer songs that are still transitioning and need working. It seems that every time I play I can get ideas for songs, it's amazing... I'm writing them all down for the period where I dry up. My Instrumentalist friend who I rehearse with loves when I go off on a tangent and write something new.. Sometimes we play for hours straight without stopping...OMG one time we played straight for 5 hours...Finally stopped.... Then realized we were on the verge of peeing ourselves...... The mind forgets about everything physical..... A few weeks ago I started writing a song and played it for 4 hours so I would not forget the feel of it. At 2:30 am I went to bed with it playing strongly in my head and realized I had worn the skin down to almost meat on a finger of my pick holding hand. A little obsessive I thought to myself. I opened my eyes at 7:00 next morning and the song was still playing, I got up reviewed it and then started writing another one. Thank God it was the week end.

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  1. 17-12-2013
    Mark Alberto Yoder Nunez

    Hi! I just added photos to your LastFM profile!

  2. 27-01-2012

    Good one Christine,didn't the boiling have a nice rythum though?

  3. 27-01-2012
    Christine Bauer

    Actually.... the soup never made a sound.....

My Debut CD

Most of the songs on my CD I wrote between 2009 (after a 15 year Hiatus) and aug 2011. It took a long time recording because I kept making changes, My guitar and voice kept improving after not using them for so long. I finally stopped re-recording and said enough. My sound engineer said to think of it as a snap shot of your music. "So Precious Things" my 9 song CD was finished. I wanted the recording to sound like my stage sound with the two musicians on the CD. Five months later with some 15 songs written and five ready to record. I need to get back into the studio. That will be loads of fun. Music business is not my passion, digging a ditch with a tablespoon would be way more fun. If Anyone....ANYONE... reads this please let me know....

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  1. 07-06-2012
    Sandman 62

    Dude, you have some very interesting and unique tracks, but you fail yourself by missing the beat and failing to edit. Enjoyed everything I herd and encourage you to do MORE! Just take your time, think it through and EDIT! Its art your doing, dont rush it so. Sent a friend request, look forward to your further posts!