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Hello my friend, my name is Joshua Rowe. I am a producer in Pueblo CO. So far the height of my creativity has been in digital loop & sample based funk. Hip Hop, R&B that's basically the formulae I use to do what I like to call " my thangg ". I'm confident my work speaks for itself if you care to give it a spin. Of Course I'm on Reverbnation. Plenty links to other music I've posted there.
I stick to what I know and work wonders with it . I'm only limited by my resources, and the scope of my vision.
My eyes are wide open to the possibilities. Its my belief that my ear, my life, and creativity could be of some great service. My "skilz" in the beatz department, and the desire to be relevant have forced me to become a quite adapt social media manager as well. Social networking is tedious, mind numbing work but when you learn. And master the art, one man can reach millions. That's the dream. That's the rush. That's why most of do this. But that's me. I write, gotta lovely voice. Bass (Barry) deep. Ha ha.

Anyway, that's how a brotha gets down. My brand, "BIGG DAWGGG" , it's just me doin what I do. I love life, and im OG Grandaddy now. Yup! 50 Dec. 20th. So yeah its kinda been there done that tym.
I'll work with anybody breathin if thats whats up.
Get@me 719-778-3179k