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BoyCode - Blog

Creative manager: Kelly Pfaff

Our "mama", our example, Creative manager and friend! We love her so much! ❤❤ Kelly Pfaff

Boycode from Belgium.

Boycode is a Flemish band introduced by Kelly Pfaff, the group consist of 4 handsome young men.

Please find more information below.

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  1. 14-10-2014

    Timmy Van Lysebeth

    Timmy was born on January 26, 1996 in Aalst. At a young age he had lost his father and made it through with his mother. This ensured that Timmy was going to segregate and locked himself in his own grief. Timmy was becoming obese and stayed almost permanently in his room. At age 15 Timmy felt was enough and required to regroup himself. This was due to the power that he managed to get out, thanks to music. The music flowed through him, and that made him strong. Timmy learned to rebuild a social life and overcome its totals. Purely out of its own power and will, Timmy is a go-getter, someone who wants and will achieve his goal without giving up. His beautiful, deep and warm voice manages to melt every heart. Timmy is very very cuddly. A sincere guy and he radiates that.

  2. 14-10-2014

    Lennert Haenen

    Born on January 12, 1995 and grew up in Lubbeek. Lennert is a child of divorced parents and spent his childhood years mainly through as promising athlete. As a child, he was an accomplished triathlon athlete, but he caught the music microbe at age 6 He taught himself music and learning to play guitar. He quickly discovered the capabilities of his voice and after a number of successful school performances, he felt the time was ripe to attempt the next step. After an audition Lennert was chosen as one of the Members for BOYCODE.

    Lennert is the jump in the field, the All American Boy, the player, but with the right amount of charm and cuteness. Lennert has energy for 10 and that will be known soon!

  3. 14-10-2014

    Mattias Pilate

    Born and raised in Denderleeuw (22/09/1993), Mattias was raised by his mother. At age 15 Mattias decided to go live with his father and enrolled in the music school. After four years of music theory and 3 years guitar, Matty had to address taste of music. Music was a big part and purpose in his life, In his study as a woodworker he could lose, a lot of creative music, but it gave him the ultimate satisfaction.

    Mattias is the philosopher of the band, a little of the Bad Boy side, always in the background but still clearly present.

  4. 14-10-2014

    Gregory Van Holderbeke

    Grego was born in Ghent on November 10, 1992. As a senior member of BOYCODE he has more of the "big brother" feel about him. Grego had quite a turbulent childhood and appeared to stray away from the right path. Thanks to the love of his family and his love of music, Grego managed to regroup and began playing music since he was 16 years old. Grego learned to read notes, play guitar and refine his voice. He also studied animal care. But his passion for music turned out to take the upper hand. Grego began to write songs and lyrics and went with them from café to café for everyone to enjoy his talent.

    Grego is the stylish, charming but a tough guy with spirit of the band. By his frugality, he knows how to sell. Grande

  5. 14-10-2014

    These four boys have already stolen my heart, and started to steal other girls their hearts too. According to some of my school mates, for them they are the Flemish version of One Direction.

    Of course, they arent trying to steal their place back home, because One Direction is the hottest Boyband now. But they will try to be well known by others. Please give them a chance, they are wonderfull :)

    I first met Boycode at school, where they performed several songs. Too bad, I couldnt see their whole performance, but I got their signs and picture, which Im really happy about.

    I hope you guys will check out their songs and will start liking or even loving them! Please support them and give them at least a chance! and be a #Decoder with me!

    Oh and, if one of the members of Boycode sees this. I love you guys, I hope to see more of you in the nearby future!