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Just a note

to say I really appreciate the new friends I'm making on The Spotlight. I also try to listen to everybody's tunes, lots of talented folks here. It may take me awhile but I hope to listen and give a little feedback. Heading into a big holiday, hope everyone has fun !!

Seasons Change

So it's gotten a bit cold in Austin, which is too cool for its own good sometimes. LOL Rehearsed last night for a couple of upcoming gigs, one a special event (League of Cities fashion show & meet-and-greet) at a nontraditional venue (bookstore/outlet of Austin Public Library), featuring a song or two written for the occasion. It's an acoustic show, where the three of us will be doing folk songs from the Folkwine repertoire, originals, and of course the new songs. Who will be there besides us? Perhaps a few mayors, councilers, city managers, and staff, I hear. At way too early in the morning. But happy to be playing . . . at whatever time!

Happy Saturday!

This morning I got a familiar notification via email that an indie radion station in New Zealand that I've been assoicated with for years had played one of my tunes. Over the years, I've gotten a fair amount of airplay on indie stations around the world. They're always looking for new artists to play. Of course, I don't get anything back except airplay and the chance to get heard by people I'd never reach otherwise. It's a trade-off, but it's one I'm willing to make. These particular folks have supported my music for years and gotten to be friends. If you'd like to check out their website and the playlist featuring my song "IS IT LOVE?" it's right here: Cheers!!


Well, hello! I'm new to this site . . . just to introduce myself, I'm a singer-songwriter and guitar player living in Austin. I've been at it awhile and met and played with some really talented folks. Currently playing around town and the CenTex region with a trio called Folkwine. We harmonize on classis folk and acoustin rock tunes from the 1950s to 1970s, and also do many originals. Just released our new self-titled CD in May of this year. You can hear us on ReverbNation & YouTube, where I've made lots of musical friends lately. I hope to make some new music friends on The Spotlight Zone as well. Looks like a cool place to be. Thanks for tuning in. Please say hello if you get a chance!