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The Song Someone To Love

My bad, when I uploaded it the first time it was not the edited one. It has been fixed and the one there now has been edited. Sorry.

Stage Names

Yes there actually was a reason for the Name "Bo Trigger". Just recently my doctor said I had a bad case of tennis elbow and trigger finger in both hands. I basically have tendonitis in my left elbow both hands and fingers. I was told not to play for a few months to give it time to heal up some. That was a bummer, but that's where the name came from, tennis elBOw and Trigger finger. haha. It just sounded too cool. LoL

Happier Times, Better Songs

I've went through a lot in the last year or two. Bankruptcy, a Divorce, Being Homeless for a short while. But in the end all is working out great. I'm bouncing back with no intention of stopping for anyone or anything this time.

So, I've been trying to get back to some of my roots with country and blues mixed with a little rock vibe. Two new releases coming next year. Also one OLD cover song by the late great Johnny Cash. I'm keeping the lyrics and the overall rhythm pretty much the same, but I'm adding somewhat of a modern twist to it, to jazz it up some. It's gonna be awesome. :)