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late nights at the internet cafe'

Well, here I am up late again. Lots of Coffee. I'm now WiReD!!!!! With all that is going on in my life I'm just packing it more with work on my music and you know what? If I had to pack anymore into the 24 hours of a day (i.e I am an Architect, run an e-commerce website and blog, build guitars, manage my Architectural Designs being built and websites for that and then need to find time to devote to my music) there is nothing more I'd rather pack it with than some practicing playing my guitars and getting up to date on all the available tech apps and stuff one can get to make quality recordings at home. I would not have needed to start looking at apps or programs if my son Nigel didn't have to move out, as Nigel had state of the art recording equipment and instruments that I used to make these first three recordings. Granted they are not the best quality recordings, but they are a start and Nigel and I actually did all on pretty much one take,and I give him kudos for doing as good a job as he did in the limited time we had before he left last week to move to Portland , Oregon. I practice daily , am self taught. play by Ear, can't read music(although I may learn) am self taught, no formal guitar training and have developed my own fingerstyle, guitar tuning and chording using various arrangements, none traditional and many are open chords such as a open drop C or Drop D played with fingerstyle / flamenco or latin style. The guitar tuning I used for the Led zeppelins babe I'm gonna leave you is my own tuning of CGCEGC up 50 centitones. Unless you have practiced playing my particular tunings, you are going to be confused as to how to play on that works for me. :) I am a people person and love to get to know others who have some of the same passions whether it be Architecture, sports, design, the outdoors, Classic Cars and motorcycles, Vintage Fashions or Music. I hope to meet a lot of you here and get your ratings, comments and critique. First thing I'd like to know is what simple recording apps or programs you guys would recommend. I don't have time to learn something difficult such as my son did with Ableton, but give me your suggestions and what you use. Thanks for reading! Now to Bed! Musicians unite!

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  1. 16-02-2015
    Matt Dougan

    Thanks for the info Scott. I appreciate it, and I'll check the programs out.

    Sincerely, Matt

  2. 13-02-2015
    Scott Walters

    Audacity may be good start. It's free and would work just fine if your just doing the guitar.
    I use Cool Edit Pro but will be trying out reaper in the near future.
    Good luck!