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new friends.

hi were still new to the site. so if anyone wants to rate our song battlefield, we will return the favor. we have made some friends,and we get to hear some great music. thank you all for that because the radio is so laim anymore. lol but i will take the time to listen to your song rate and comment,as i wish for everyone to do the same as what you liked or didnt like in the song is help full. i am not critical on a certian style of music. give all a fair listen to. i look for musicianship,structure vocal, and harmonies reguardless of style. so hope to hear from you soon. look forward to new friendships and great music. rock on feelin froggy. thanks to all. steve lemon frog band

new to the site.

hi were new to the spotlight zone. if anyone has the time to listen to us and give us a rating,leave us a message so we can return our support to you. looking forward to meeting some new musicians and hearing some good music.its so cool to have a site that your songs get heard,and reviewed by other musicians. well hit us up if you rate us so we can do the same. cant wait to hear your track. rock on feelin froggy. animal of lemon frog band

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  1. 18-04-2015
    Lemon Frog

    i just wanted to thank all of you that have rated our music. if you message me and rate our song. we will be glad to do the same for you. thanks again and rock on.

  2. 12-04-2015
    Lemon Frog

    i have just added our video for our song lost. this way you can hear the other side to us. as i am the drummer and sing lead on battlefield. so to hear our vocalist and a change of pace check out lost video. you can see we have alot of styles of music in our songs. tell us what you think of it. love the opinion of fellow musicians,helps to make sure your on track. thank you all and rock on steve lemon frog