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El MAGICO - Blog

Welcome to my music!

I am very glad for the opportunity to reach more people.
Hope you enjoy my ideas.
Cheers from Minnesota El MAGICO.

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  1. 06-03-2017

    AKADEMIA RADIO CAMPAIGN February 2017 update
    El Angel is in continuous rotation in 10 more radio stations all over the world; Welcome New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington D.C., Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Thank you for keep on supporting and listening to my music. (please check my song El Angel on your closest located radio station) Thank you to all of you!
    El MAGICO.

    The Akademia Radio Division
    Dear El Magico,

    Congratulations! We have been informed that your song El Angel has continued to receive an increasingly strong response in its latest month of rotation on numerous radio stations worldwide. Please click here to view your spin report, which now reflects an impressive level of spins:
    Still theres more good news. We recently sat down with a new group of program directors to discuss the unusual success of your single and are pleased to inform you that theyve placed your song El Angel on the following ten additional stations, starting January 1st:

    Vibe XR Radio New York, New York USA

    Vibe XR Radio Boston, Massachusetts USA

    Vibe XR Radio Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

    Vibe XR Radio Detroit, Michigan USA

    Vibe XR Radio Washington, D.C. USA

    Silk Radio Syndicate Mumbai, India

    Silk Radio Syndicate Delhi, India

    Silk Radio Syndicate Bangalore, India

    Silk Radio Syndicate Hyderabad, India

    Silk Radio Syndicate Chennai, India

    Trending Regions: Eastern United States, India

    This is the excellent news. Radio play on ten additional stations targeting major population centers such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington D.C., Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and more will further accelerate success of your single. You can locate your song on the Ambient / Instrumental playlists of most stations. In most cases, youll want to tune in to the Ambient / Instrumental genre to hear your song in rotation.
    Congratulations, again, on your success. We look forward to sending you more radio station updates in the coming weeks.

    Kind regards,

  2. 26-03-2016

    Happy to let you know, El Angel album is the AKADEMIA February 2016 Best Ambient/Instrumental Album, Thank you for your support. El MAGICO.

  3. 26-03-2016