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Nick Duane comes forth with a release armed with a rather unorthodox and brave character, considering the abundant directions the delivery is fervent, persistent and efficient at exploring. The most frequently applied pace of the flow shows keen interest in delivering ornamented still-life music AND delivering much of it, yet the one thing that utterly and completely saves this spin from any kind or promise of motionlessness in a valiant and natural manner, is the simple and precious fact that Nick Duane sounds to be serious about this style-, about this shape of music.
The album is the perfect soundtrack for a rainy highway. I seriously would pick this on 6 occasions out of 5 times right now for any rainy day highway session. Preferably as the driver. The disc also conveys a sense of X Files science fiction, in my opinion, revealed with soberly limited high frequency sonic entities that cleverly refrain from intimidation, and instead are out to invite you into a risk free cosmos-trance. Watch raindrops draw random (?) fractals on the car window in the morning supported by this music to get a spiritual boost. Track number 2, "No Wages", takes you into this Zone pretty efficiently, - think of Blade Runner meets X Files - and this is not the only occasion you will be immersed in this feeling during the spin. Once again, a rather tight and robust - 55 minutes - atmospheric ambient soft rock album with a whole lot of quality stimuli to soak some ears into. Highly recommended.

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Nick Duanes Before The Storm album is hard to pin down in any one musical genre. As Nick moves from guitar-based rock to orchestrated keyboard electronica from one track to another

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  1. 18-02-2014
    Ajit Singh

    very nice music Josh , thanks to be connected .



Nick Duane is a composer and songwriter whose style embraces a really wide range of musical genres and influences, showcasing Nick as an avid music enthusiast with an open-minded approach. Nick Duanes composition are blessed by a true independent spirit, just flowing naturally and organically as far as the authors inspiration and imagination goes. Nick Duanes new album Before the storm is a great portrait of this approach, and a great collection of intricate, fascinating sonic textures based on the contrast between hard hitting electric guitar riffs and dreamy synth melodies, topped by a solid rhythm section and charismatic vocals.