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My Music life

starting playing at the age of grandmother,(rest her soul) got me my first guitar, said to me "now im buying you this under one condition, I want you to sing me watermellon wine" the old Tom T Hall song..I learned one cord (G) ..a week later I played and sang that song..I seen a tear roll down her of my best memorys of her..all during school I played rock songs and loved them..still do today...the summer of 1975 I played on young st and dundas in toronto....with a open guitar case..playing folk and rock, for passer bys...I always believed you have to get your nails dirt y...and after that I joined a band in Sudbury , we were cyper...did a few tours northern ontarios...not much money but alot of fun..heavy metel...then met a girl got maried , had to get a real so i did.and I allways played at house partys...never wrote a song in my life, allways doing covers..until now..
I have been divorced now for 7 years in that time had 2 girlfriends..2 heartbreaks..the last one was the worst.....never knew what love was until I met her...about 5 months ago that was tour my heart out, I was sitting in my taxi..thinking about allways..starting writing..and they just kept I have around I want to thank her for this...everyone of my songs comes from deep down in my heart...also a very good friend came in my life at this time...and helped me and beleaved in me, and pushed me, to get my songs out, she was so good I made her my manager...thank you with all my heart....Lori Harvey. [less]