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Most Unholy Convergence II

TIRANIA with 2 songs - ''The Essence Of Magic'' and ''The Magician'' on:

"Most Unholy Convergence II"

103 bands (plus bonus material) on one disc!!

This is the big one...! The biggest project that Satanica has yet embarked upon - over a year in the making!! Over 100 bands from all over the world, primarily in the extreme metal vein but all styles ov metal are pretty much represented some industrial, ambient etc for good measure. An Important point to note is that all these bands paid to be on here, so you know you're listening to bands who are serious about what they do! This time round all tracks have been professionally mastered by Satanica's Audio Production Division, so you can be guaranteed a smooth listen through a variety ov styles. By the way, this release comes in a DVD style case.


''The Essence Of Magic'' - EP out!!!

This album (EP) is special project, a sort of a music story based on the Egyptian mythology. Four interconnected songs, together forming a closed concept. Metaphorically speaking, it was a sort of a religious experience of the conscience penetrating into the sphere of gods. The Arabic scale enhances the feeling of authenticity flowing through the entire creation.

All lyrics taken and remodeled from ''The Book Of Dead'', found in ''Egypt - Temple Of The Cosmos'' by Jeremy Naydler.
On the cover is divine child, Horus the Saviour, triumphing over dangerous animals.

1.The Essence Of Magic
2.The Magician
3.The Poison & The Enchanted Remedy
4.The Remorseful Travel
5.The Tyrants Came Tonight (Bonus Track)

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