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Lance Norris and The Dog Track Gravy - Blog


I will be doing a special live webcast on Concert Window at 12pm EST on February 14. I'll be playing songs, taking requests, and answering YOUR questions in real time! Wherever you are in the world, you can tune in. You can purchase online tickets starting now at It's a Pay-What-You-Can-Afford Show, so you can get in for as little as one dollar, American. The webcast will not be taped – it's offered in real time. I hope you can join me!

- Lance Norris and The Dog Track Gravy

PS: The new CD got some nice press the other day: tern-redneck-delight/

Free Show!

Don't forget, you can watch the band do an hour set live, 9/8 at 10:00 Eastern Time at

Should be a fun one.

The Dog Track Gravy Tape a TV Show

We're taping a TV show on 9/6/11

The Series can be viewed Online at "select LIVE STREAM 1" around the World at these local times based on the schedule below:

London - 3am Fridays |
Boston - 10pm Thursdays |
Los Angeles - 7pm Thursdays |
Hawaii - 4pm Thursdays |
Melbourne - 12n Fridays |
Tokyo - 11am Fridays |
Jakarta - 9am Fridays |
Cape Town - 4am Fridays