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Its Halloween again!!!

Hi everybody!! Been missing fron the zone for awhile but never away this long!! Thougth with Halloween right around the corner, everyone would enjoy this old classic of mine!! Its campy and goofy but enjoyable, hope you like it!!Happy Booday!!!!

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  1. 06-11-2014

    ok folks, SORRY!!! Halloween Extravaganza has been removed now that the holiday is over. Soon to come to this site~~~~~(wait for it!!)~~~ Xmas Music!!! Yeay!!!! Stay tuned, i have several of different styles to please everyone!!!! Maybe!!! LOL!!!

Has it been that long????

Hey everyone!! Just posted up 5 Xmas CDs for everyone's delight, something of all genres. There's Heavy Metal, Techno, smooth, traditional and steel drum CDs, your choice!! Go by the CD titles and you might find some you like!! Merry Creasemess~~~ T.

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Just to start the season off on a good foot, here's some heavy metal Xmas tunes for everyone's delight!!! Its not great but is definitely loud!! LOL!! I'll post up some more in a different genre soon as i can convert them, but until then, enjoy and Mary Xmeremas!!!! LOL!!!!...T

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  1. 12-07-2013

    Finally!!!! I now have posted up my latest goofball endevour!!! The CD is called "Fun with a Ukulele" and its not your typical uke CD!!! LOL!!! There are some covers of classics and the rest orginals!! If this doesn't make you smile, you haven't listened to it!!! LOL!!! Mahalo~~~

  2. 19-12-2012

    Murray Creasemas everybody!!! Taking some time off to celebrate the holidays with my family(the Texas clan!!) so I didn't get to posting up the other Xmas CDs but hope this is ok with everybody! Have a great holiday and everyone come back safe after this!!! Send me some music, ok??? Rock out~~~~~T.

new music~~

Finally!! The computer is back i\on line and i have posted up the songs from Absence of Light 2 for everyone to hear, enjoy and rate if you will!!! This is a different music attack from the others,so enjoy!! 3 in this series as well. Will post the others when i have time! Look to the Stars and Peace to all~~T.

More Music!!

Hi All!!! just a quick note to let you know that i've added several CDs of music to my acct and that they are of all types of genres, so pick and choose!!! Still, no singing, as i am going through puberty(at 57!!) but these are all pretty good music. Enjoy!! I'll put some more up when i can, still have lots of CDs worth to post!!! Wha hoooo!!!

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  1. 18-03-2012

    Folks, if you love just great vocals and simple, yet heartfelt talent, check out a new friend of mine, Max the Cat!! This guy has something that is rare, check him out~~~T.

  2. 04-03-2012

    Hey Folks!! Just added some real cool pictures to my photo section that i did in an animation program called Bryce 3D. This is some really wild surreal pics that i am working on to add to a slide show and hope to have posted up soon. Check it out. Thanks to everybody out there forbeing a friend!! Later. Peace forever~~~T.

  3. 29-02-2012

    Hey everyone again!! Came across another CD i did and thought i'd share. This is a folk/blues rock CD i did years ago but is still cool to listen to!! The CD name is Why? (and i keep asking myself the same question these years later)!!!Enjoy and Happy March 0,2012 ya'll!!! LOL!!!

  4. 28-02-2012

    Hey All!!! Well, the weather is changing here and time to shed those winter woolies and party on the beach!!! Just posted up Vacation 2 and 3 CDs for everyone's enjoyment, hope you like them!! just some spring break music to get you started. Will post some more music from some different genres next, until then, EVERYBODY LIMBO!!!!!