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JJ Rocks - comments

  1. 03-11-2014
    Jeff Ervin

    JJ, Thanks so much for the invitation, and for accepting me into the the group! I look forward to hearing some incredible music, and to letting other folks hear mine. Have a blessed day!!!

  2. 07-10-2014

    JJ, thanks for inviting me onto your cool site with such talent!You are an inspiration! I noticed you were searching for potential new tunes for Garth Brooks. While not much of a musician and certainly not a singer myself, I do have this song "Autumn Leaf" about getting better with age that I think Garth would do justice to as he did with "the river" and "the dance". Plrease have a listen, should you so desire...

  3. 20-09-2014
    G Luk

    Good morning brother. Just want to give a huge thank you for inviting me to this site a few weeks back. Im lovin it, a lot of really cool people. Thumbs up!

  4. 08-09-2014

    Wow, Pink Panther, love It.

  5. 04-09-2014
    Mickey P. McGee

    Timebomb Rocks as does the JJ!!!!

  6. 07-06-2014

    "JJ, nice to meet you. I love your website platform. Thank you for the kind invitation. I appreciate you. :)

  7. 26-04-2014
    Offta Wall

    Hi JJ! We wanted to let you know how much an honor it is for us to be accepted on The Spotlight Zone. We're just a little ol' band from rural South Carolina trying to get our songs heard by people who can appreciate them, and for someone like you to give us a second thought was a very powerful message that maybe we do have something worth listening to. What you've done for music & musicians is outstanding, and the quality of your work is top notch. For someone who seems so down to earth to have accomplished the things you have is very inspiring, and the entertainment business needs more people like you. God bless you & Miss Dorothy and we wish y'all all the best. Thanks & take care my friend. Peace out... S.M.O.

  8. 20-04-2014
    The 1nvaders

    Hi JJ, we want to thank you for the great work. We are glad that there are people like you who make good things for music and to provide the opportunity for new musicians

  9. 10-04-2014

    Hello JJ an Dorothy, thank you both for the invite, i think thats awsome how you did this to help other musicians like myself an millions of others. too kind. thanks agian, Nate.

  10. 10-04-2014
    Todd Morgan & the Emblems

    HI JJ, Thank you for welcoming Todd Morgan & the Emblems to the Spotlight Zone. I have enjoyed reading many of your newsletters and look forward to checking things out here and figuring it all out.