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JJ Rocks - comments

  1. 28-03-2014
    Robb Woolf

    Hello JJ.I feel much more at ease being on your website as it sparks off a genuine cause for singer songwriters such as myself.

  2. 27-03-2014
    Simon Zattara band

    Dear JJ and Dorothy, A Big THANK YOU for your Review ! That's a great honor you did to my music and my work. An honor too, to have my profile on The Spotlight Zone. Today you gave me a good reason to carry on as songwriter. About scouting if one of these days, a famous american singer can sing at less one of my songs, it would be for me like a "dream come true"... Yours Sincerely. Simon Zattara

  3. 19-03-2014
    Joe Lyell

    JJ I read your article Over The Hill. I can relate on so many levels. You're a good man with a good heart JJ.

  4. 08-03-2014
    Junior Rhobot

    Thanks for the invite JJ !

  5. 19-01-2014

    Hey JJ my friend. Just read you new article on the ying and yang of music. I know I'm not a pro...far from it. My take and my motto for my music is; If I can touch one person with one song my job is done and I"m happy. Then I try and do it again. Now if someone wanted to pay to record one of my songs that would be nice but not my mail goal. Just knowing that I wrote a song that someone connected with is pure gold to me. Great Article. And I agree with all you had to write brother. Have a great musical day :) Kit Mann

  6. 04-01-2014

    Hi JJ; Thanx ,for beeing here. I like the site and like what you do for music...:) Roland (Rok_Me)

  7. 16-12-2013
    Dylan Abm

    blessings blessings good friend

  8. 09-11-2013
    Mattias Törnell

    Hi JJ! Thanks for helping me getting in here! I´ve uploaded some songs now, please drop by, have a listen and give me a rating if you feel like it! =) All the best pal, Mattias T

  9. 26-10-2013
    Debbie Moore

    hi there, just enjoying your track 'timebomb' and that great rock energy, a nice diversion from what i do myself which is mellower : ) deb x

  10. 06-09-2013
    Tony Watson1

    JJ: Three To Get Ready? I had a listen to that brilliant display of acoustic genius. Thanks for sending it. Not sure how you kept the time right, that is a difficult song. I was having a hard time just counting 3/4 to 4 count's per measure, let alone trying to play something like that so very well. I never heard it before so I have to tell you I liked that fact that you can play something that difficult, clearly!! Wow. Thank you!! Your Pal, Peace, Tony