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JJ Rocks - comments

  1. 19-08-2013
    Peg O\'Neill

    Loving "Maple leaf rag" cover! How on earth do you get melody and rhythm at the same time on the guitar! Amazing! You never cease to amaze me!

  2. 12-08-2013
    Peg O\'Neill

    What can I say! I am always so very impressed with your creativity and excellence on the guitar! Your version of "Three to get ready" is fantastic!

  3. 20-07-2013
    Peg O\'Neill

    I Loved your version of "Bluesette"! it was just beautiful listening to the smooth silky guitar and your riffs,so effortless. One of my first piano songs I ever learned and brings back fond memories! Love ya, Peg

  4. 06-05-2013

    hi JJ..just heard some of your new tunes..very cool licks and great playing..rock on

  5. 27-04-2013

    Liking your sound man and loving the site thanks for inviting us

  6. 13-03-2013

    Great music.

  7. 05-03-2013
    Sasha Firewolf

    Wow. I love how versatile you are! I listened to quite a few tracks (7, I think) and they were all so very different, and yet each one was perfect! You are amazing! Keep up the great work!

  8. 02-02-2013
    Ambyr Effect

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  9. 18-01-2013
    Lathe Jordon

    Why are all your songs listed not to rate? They are of good quality!

  10. 15-01-2013
    Bob Melton

    Love your musicThis is a great site too!! Thanks!