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JJ Rocks - comments

  1. 10-01-2013
    Secret Lane

    Hi JJ, here we are! Many thanks!!! //Meridian

  2. 03-01-2013

    Nice guitar work''

  3. 20-10-2012
    Ionescu Andreea

    Love so much all your songs ..but "Rock"n Roll Star" , are so elegant , funn and so beautiful creation , about "Another two bit day",so melancholic and realy genius ,this is power of gladness and cute sweet vocal ...Impressed your diferents stylles also ..i listen yours tracks as always with also high very good emotions !:-) Cheers JJ friend ,and many thank you for your suport ! ..3r3lla.....Peace and Love !

  4. 04-09-2012
    Mandee and the ABC Girls

    Hi JJ! :) The astounding article you wrote about us caused goose bumps on our skinour faces turned bright pink...our cheeks and lips curled with joy and happiness! You not only are a marvelous musician, you are a wonderful writer! It is an honor to have such delightful words written about us from one of the most incredibly amazing artist and guitar players we have ever heard! We cant thank you enough! May the Lord continue to ALWAYS bless you and keep you safe and healthy! We are not doing this for praise or attentionor fame and fortune. We truly believe we can make a difference in the world with the music we are blessed and inspired to sing. Through inspirational people like youwe ALL Together can change the world and create a more positive, happy, beautiful place! Love Always, Mandee & the ABC Girls :)

  5. 10-08-2012
    Melodies Soul Stories

    JJ: When I heard your playing back in late March, I believe the tune was Ella Fitzgerald's "A Tisket A Tasket" I was blown away by your skills, so much so I said to myself I have got to get JJ to collaborate with me one day!!! LOL wishful thinking right? I can't deny you have soul, class, and your musicianship truly sets you apart as you are extremely versatile, a musical genius and legend at best! I am an Ella fan and I can say that you served her song some Justice! Thank you for keeping it Classy and Timeless! Blessings, Melany Scroggins (Melodies Soul Stories)

  6. 29-07-2012
    ms ashley

    some quality playing here.u rock!

  7. 20-07-2012
    Tony Watson1

    JJ: Love Beatin The Streets. What a great message, and flow of music. I really enjoyed the vibes of the song. As usual, you keep my ear pleased through the whole song. I love this composition very much. You are a great orchestrator. This song would be outstanding with a symphony, or string quartet. I like it very much my friend, five stars. I am attaching a picture taken while in the UK with my granddaughter and me with one of the Olympic torch bearers for the 2012 games. Peace, Tony,

  8. 17-07-2012
    Jody Dickey-EDP

    Thank You Enjoying your site, pictures & enjoyed your music

  9. 17-06-2012
    Ryo Utasato

    Dearest JJ, Thank you so much for always. Always sending positive energy, peace from my heart. I wish you a very beautiful and wonderful weekend. Ryo,

  10. 11-05-2012
    Tony Watson1

    JJ: It's, T.G.I.F., and time to listen to music. My friend (Between The Tides) is just brilliant musical genius. All of the music and lyric's are just fulfilling to listen to. Listing to your work, one after the other, gave me the feeling of a great musical and candy to my ears. I love all the songs. can't wait to hear more. I Just Want Out For Christmas: This song was a surprise, and delight, what a great message, you really painted a vivid picture of what could be, and how precious each life is. This is one of the most powerful songs I have heard in a long time, touching. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us. Peace to you my Brother, Tony,