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JJ Rocks - comments

  1. 07-03-2012
    Gisele Anthony

    "Hi JJ... I see the sight is growing like Hot Fire!! That is beautiful!!! All the Kids you help and the blessings... all I can say is you really do Rock!!!! Peace and Blessings... Gisele"

  2. 06-03-2012

    Emergency is a great song... luv' that funky style of guitar playing... really cool...

  3. 06-03-2012

    "Time Bomb" is really kickin'. I'd like to read the lyrics, if that'd be alright? Maybe they are there and I overlooked them.. But otherwise, could you possibly send them my way? Also, do you play all of the instruments yourself for recording? I am interested in your personal recording process. I am impressed! Very solid stuff for sure, especially this song : ) Keep it up JJ, because I'll keep listening!

  4. 04-03-2012
    Frank Mckenzie

    Thanks JJ for setting this up and double thanks for the invite! Reverbs way kool, but I think I like this simpler site much better! Love your music by the way, hail to the king! lol

  5. 29-02-2012
    Bryan Barcelo

    Love the concept for the Christmas song. And I'm really feeling that cool deep guitar sound in Emergency also it's vocals and lyrics . Nice !

  6. 29-02-2012
    Bryan Barcelo

    JJ Rocks , You are the man ! For many reason. just checked out your photos. Badfinger No matter what . is one of my all time favorite songs.

  7. 26-02-2012

    Thanks a lot man I appreciate it. Thanks for this awesome site as well.

  8. 23-02-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    Wow JJ you did it with I Just Want Out For Charstmas that was powerful and to put the finish to it the harmony ending thanks

  9. 20-02-2012
    Natalia Jepsersen Pianist

    Hi, JJ :)! Soft and original arrangement, really like guitar theme and sound in this song!

  10. 18-02-2012

    Love your song "Emergency"! Great work and very original sound.