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  1. 07-12-2014
    Betty Overstreet

    Love yur music!

  2. 18-03-2012

    Hi brotha I really like the song you have "Satan Is A Home Wrecker" But, I would like to hear it with the vocals a bit turned down, , It's just the the volume of your vocals are to loud. It over powers the music. And try a little Reverb to. That is my opinion. Other then than that, great stuff.

  3. 27-02-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    Wow what a great time I had listening to you You have it and the song Are You In Or Are You Out says it all You got high fives on all It would be nice to meet you some day Please rate me and may God bless you

  4. 14-09-2011

    Wow,I can say I am very impressed with your message and music James,keep going!

  5. 29-08-2011

    Hey brother in Christ you are welcome GOD bless you and your music. Stay strong in our Lord Jesus Christ.