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Ryo Utasato - comments

  1. 17-05-2012
    Darryl "Zman" Fields

    Hello Ryo keep up the great work!! Zman

  2. 17-05-2012

    Excellent Music

  3. 16-05-2012
    Car 55

    Great chilled electronica. Very nice.

  4. 16-05-2012

    Inspirational and clam I love it.

  5. 15-05-2012
    sue laver

    Beautiful and moving music all the best Ryo!

  6. 12-05-2012

    Thank you very much for your kind comment Miss Utasato. I listened to TITAN again and I understand why everyone likes it so much. But something about Barefoot on Water I think is better. The way it starts off is reminiscent to me. The song is good. Hmm.. yes. It is better. It is very good to have made your acquaintance for sure!

  7. 12-05-2012

    :) Ryo, you are so beautiful artist and person.. thank you for being a friend.

  8. 11-05-2012

    Hey Ryo...cheers for the journey into your universe....eyes closed and drift away! Rock on girl!!

  9. 10-05-2012

    Hello Ryo Utasato!!! I love your music and Sound!!!!! Would make Great Television Sound tracks!!!! Keep Up the Great Work!!!!! Peace & Happiness SharBaby

  10. 10-05-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    This is the most beautiful music You also have a great voice God bless