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Ryo Utasato - comments

  1. 10-05-2012

    Hello Ryo. I listened to your music on recomendation of JJ and have to say I was blown away. Amazing sounds congratulation and l;ng may you continue composing such compelling music. Best regards Brian.

  2. 10-05-2012
    Michael Egleton

    Ryo your music is unbielvable! It's great! The intensity is incredible!

  3. 18-04-2012
    Dorothy - Staff member

    Hi Ryo Utasato! Its great to have you join our spotlight zone family, I wish you every success with your music and a lasting friendship. Peace and love from the Warm Virgin Islands. Have a great week. God bless, - Dorothy

  4. 15-04-2012
    Law Rule

    Aloha Ryo Your music is awesome! You have a sweet soothing voice. Your compositions are very dynamic,powerful and intriquing. I am also working on some of my own solo instrumental pieces with a bit of Hawaiian tribal rhythms. I was wondering what programs you are using in your studio to create such big percussions and beautiful melodic back round effects? Thank you for your nice comments. Glad to have a very talented friend on spotlight. do you have a facebook? I will be listening for more of your music. 5 stars to you! Mahalo (Thanks) Law

  5. 30-03-2012
    Double Deuce Hobby Studio

    Heard 'Barefoot on the water' and just had to leave a comment. Great Song! One of the guys actually picked up a sax and played along with you. Hope to be hearing more of you soon!

  6. 30-03-2012
    Frank Mckenzie

    Titan was a great track but "Barefoor on the water".... WOW. You need to sing much much more, you have a beautiful voice and a great ear~! Glad to have you as a friend!

  7. 29-03-2012


  8. 28-03-2012
    Russell A. Worrell

    Hey Ryo! I really enjoyed "Titan" & "Barefoot on Water"...really blew me away!!! wishing you all the best...keep doing great work!!! I'll come back to listen some more!! peace & blessings!

  9. 16-02-2012

    What a beautiful sound, and your vocals are heavenly. I gave you stars on all songs and added barefoot on water to my playlist. I just seem connected with this song. You Friend and Fan Kit Mann

  10. 08-02-2012
    Castor Six

    Dear and Special RYO, you are amazing musician and Love your sound!!! and yes i am a fan of yours :) Much musical Love and hugs and kisses! Cheers Castor Six