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  1. 18-05-2012
    Tony Watson1

    Andrew: Good on you mate! I loved all the scores, great lyrics and the vocals were just outstanding. I really like the solid sound of the band. Can't wait to hear more.

  2. 18-05-2012
    Korin VG

    Strong songs! Very good.

  3. 17-05-2012
    Michael Egleton

    I also have to agree, What a find JJ. Andrew your great! Good Luck and I hope to hear more from you.

  4. 17-05-2012

    Hi Andrew, I was directed to your site by JJ, and have to agree. Great strong voice terrific musical compositions, wonderful songs. Congratulations long may you continue to make great music . Best regards Brian The Hat.

  5. 26-04-2012

    Glad that you like my music! I can say the same for you, nice tracks...

  6. 12-04-2012

    Yes Sir, Amazing work Andrew Mann & Mantra. I really enjoyed listening, You Rock Bro!! great stuff..

  7. 30-03-2012
    Frank Mckenzie

    Just droped by to check you out and I got to tell you, your tracks are off the chain! Love all your work. RESECT!

  8. 25-03-2012
    Robert Osborne

    I am impressed. I like the sound a lot. Thanks for making good music. Robert

  9. 24-03-2012
    Mauro Gentile solo guitar project

    great songs and great voice, Andrew! all the best and keep up the good work!

  10. 07-03-2012
    Walter Billingsley

    Andrew, 'Harmony' is truly are you and your workings..Good talent as you is rare these days..keeponkeepin'on Andrew..Best/Musically walter