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  1. 09-02-2012

    Thank you for the friendship & support. I appreciate it very much. Your productions are very entertaining & exciting. Great rockin' beats, amazing musicians & great voice... Wish you all the best in your musical pursuit...

  2. 08-02-2012

    Andrew listened to Harmony. Good message. Nice music! All the best!

  3. 07-02-2012
    Ryo Utasato

    Dear Andrew, What a amazing great music! Great voice! Light up my heart! Absolutely fantastic! Nice to meet you! Peace & Love* Ryo,

  4. 07-02-2012
    Drunken Fairies

    watched your clips man. good work, especially on i wanna love! keep that way!

  5. 06-02-2012
    Karma Relic

    You have a great voice! Thanks for the add :)

  6. 06-02-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    Wow I like your music esp. Through With Falling In Love great guitar and love Now I Know great guitar in that one as well keep it going love it God bless

  7. 06-02-2012
    DJ Sharkz SP

    hey man, thanks for the connection, i jus listen to ur stuff, u defo got the rock music on lock, the first tune on list, i like the best, everything bout that tune, was on point... keep the hard work up man, i like seeing high work rate all the time....

  8. 06-02-2012
    Keez Mc

    i did rate a song i think it was called falling in love.

  9. 06-02-2012
    Walter Billingsley

    Andrew, I find it difficult to 'Rate' your songs that deserve to be on the 'Charts'.."Through With Falling In Love" took over me and I had to move. Kudos on the "Pulse" you include in your creations..I look forward to communicating further. When you hit the top, I can say I knew you when'..Keep Up The Good Work. Best/Musically Walter (ps ..I'd be honored to have your ratings on my works)

  10. 06-02-2012

    Andrew, sometimes you can sense when a band has all the things going for it and you and the band have it. Your stars are aligning, the public is getting ready to explode you and the media is going to put you in the ARE that damn good and soon everyone will know it!! LOL!!! we, who have no talent, salute you!!! SALUTE!!!!! LOL!!!