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Shea Na Gig - comments

  1. 18-02-2012

    Oh lord, I love State of fear, added it to my play list and gave you all stars for the other two. Your production and arraignments are so sweet. In your song State of fear, it has such a Pink Floyd type feel to it, with your guitar playing and your awesome vocals, after the bells started ringing I almost expected David Gilmore to come in and start playing a lead, it's that good. Not sure which songs of mine you listened to but if you go back and listen to Cry for Help, it is a acoustic driven song that builds to a climax and ends with the acoustic guitar again. Hope you enjoy the song. Your friend and fan KIt Mann

  2. 18-02-2012

    Thank you ever so much for your comments on my music. I'm trying to do the best I can with what I have. If I can touch one person with one song I'm happy. I know thats not the norm in the industry but thats what my goal is. Then I try and write and record to do it again. Your Friend Kit Mann