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Taylor Krom - comments

  1. 02-01-2013
    Slam Horse

    Great lyrics, great flow! Inspiring track! Keep the nice grooves comin' in 2013!

  2. 13-06-2012

    Hey Taylor, Love your work! All the best:) - Andrew.

  3. 04-06-2012

    Hey T! Great songs!

  4. 02-06-2012

    I enjoy listening to your music. Keep on your groove.

  5. 01-06-2012

    Ciao Little Brother! ;-) It's true, JJ and Dorothy sent us at you!.. I profit to listen to anew your wonderful "Time's Up" that put me in a different state of mind with the genre Hip Hop (which is not my generation of Pop-Rock-Disco musics of the 60's-70's) when I listened to it the first time, this last February 28th...I cried to you, BRAVISSIMO!!! ...ah! I added it to our Playlist this time that I take the time here!..héhé...and I add even "No Regrets" at the same moment. And only because I like!!! Time's up! Sure!!! For you and your Music with a great M! Wish all the best for you very soon! Peace and Serenity from our Tuscan mountains -Bruno & Ely

  6. 01-06-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    You are the King of hip hop I never heard anyone as talented as you and your song 'TELL ME' is my favorite This is the most beautiful song ever written as far as I'm concerned I wish you the best and may God bless

  7. 01-06-2012
    Mandee and the ABC Girls

    Wow ... Taylor! We totally love your music and your awesome voice! We are just young sisters that love to sing and dance...our Mom and Dad helped us record our songs and music in our living room..:) Someday we will record in a REAL studio! We sure hope to be as good as you.. Your music is an inspiration to us! We really love "times up" it's totally FLY! We pray all your dreams will come true! consider us FANs 4 LIFE! love mandee :)

  8. 30-05-2012

    NICE!! Taylor.. great stuff!!

  9. 12-05-2012

    Thanks for the add! Best of luck with your projects!! Cheers, Danielle,Potion13.

  10. 06-05-2012

    bro, that roll with me iz jammin bro. u still cold boyy...I fux wit' u, u already know that. keep ya style up, pay no attention to the you, and stay on this muzic, bro. cuz u got it! peace...ya boy Z.i.G.