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Taylor Krom - comments

  1. 06-05-2012

    Roll with me is a very great song, Love&Peace

  2. 06-05-2012

    Roll with Me is an excellent tune...

  3. 05-05-2012
    Peg O\'Neill

    I listened to That girl" and essentially I have the same issue-a little too explicit so you are going to limit your audience. These are the things to be careful of when writing songs. There is nothing wrong with the songwriting itself-the melody. the recording. but if you want mass appeal you have to keep that i mind when you write lyrics. Think of someone like Jason Miraz,Michael Buble, Maroon 5- etc. I am not dissing you- I am trying to help you be all that you can be! Blessings, Peg

  4. 05-05-2012
    Peg O\'Neill

    The only reason I ranked "Roll with me: down a few stars is because of the profanity. I don't feel you need that to get your point across.and I feel you would reach more people without it. Just sayin' Because we are here to support each other and advise-so that is it, my friend- I still love ya! Peg

  5. 05-05-2012
    Walter Billingsley

    Taylor, You never cease to amaze/surprise me my friend. Your R&B work is outstanding! Great rhythm..had my feet dancin'. Ever thought of a modulation? btw..luv the orchestration..that you too? I'm impressed ..keep your young genius's all only getting better & better..Best to you Taylor...Musically, walter

  6. 19-04-2012

    That girl so so good my friend. You grow with every song you write, this one is a real winner. i do love your vocal sound, invites the listener to hear more and comforts them once they are there my friend. all stars and add. Kit

  7. 18-04-2012

    Loving the new track. Nice job. Keep on pushing. .

  8. 18-04-2012
    Kev Walford

    your songs an arrangements are just so cool...nice work Taylor

  9. 30-03-2012
    Mystery And Deception M.A.D.

    Cool man! Let me tell one simple thing, your voice rocks! Keep on the road bro.. Cheers!

  10. 27-03-2012
    Peg O\'Neill

    Thanks for requesting my friendship.I would be happy to support you if you do the same. I really liked "No Regrets". Very honest lyrics-not too heavy. Good songwriting. Here's to a great 2012! Peg O'Neill