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Taylor Krom - comments

  1. 19-02-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    Great song Livin It Up you got it keep on doing it God bless

  2. 19-02-2012
    Casey Stevens

    Really liking the lyrics Taylor - Casey

  3. 19-02-2012

    Living it up, your lyrics just roll off with out a misstake, I really like the story line in this song so much I added it to my play list. Since I'm a guitar player, if this was my song, but it's not, during each verse as you rap, I would have a nice 12 string augment the verse with down strokes in time with the verse. But that just because I'm a guitar player. :) It great just as is, really nice work brother. Your Friend Kit

  4. 15-02-2012
    Casey Stevens

    Enjoyed your music Taylor. Have a great day - casey

  5. 13-02-2012

    What a great voice, and the lyrics are so smooth, I could listen to your driving with the top down in my car all day brother. Great job. Kit

  6. 12-02-2012

    Please review my work and comment, Music and Art.

  7. 12-02-2012
    Shea Na Gig

    love the rap, great music with it ! I'll look out for you on reverb ! Love , Peace Shea Na Gig !

  8. 12-02-2012

    bro, shit'z hot...i all fived u all the way down n put a couple trackz n my playlist...stay on it, 4 real, son! good lookin' on the add, by the way...PEACE

  9. 12-02-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    This is awesome every song is so good but my favorite is I See You Girl that one should go to no.1 easy God bless

  10. 12-02-2012
    Ryo Utasato

    Dear Taylor, Hello amazing talented friend, Great tracks! Very cool and impressive! Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much and nice to meet you! Peace & Love* Ryo,