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Colorfields - comments

  1. 18-04-2015
    Anthony Flake

    Colorfields your music is so awesome and singing is top class front row seats! Please rate mine also..thank you..

  2. 14-04-2015

    Good music! Keep up the great work!

  3. 15-02-2015

    Surfing on your cloud from the first note.

  4. 28-12-2014
    Dave Bramley

    The "Sky" song is beautiful. I like the vocals especially.

  5. 25-12-2014
    Michele Baron

    great sounds; looking forward to more :)

  6. 19-12-2014
    Simon Zattara band

    Great band with much talent ! Congrats

  7. 19-12-2014
    Nur Ich

    Excellent creativity, lyrics, performance, dynamics . . . and on and on. Simply EXCELLENT!

  8. 19-12-2014
    Don Johnson

    You guys are really great. Dynamics are great, creative, soulful and extremely melodic. The vocal is very strong and great control. Love it!!! Peace, Don

  9. 14-09-2014
    Tom Shackelford

    Really liked The Sky tune, and Brainwash! Added both to my playlist. Gave you all thumbs up! You're a great band. Feel free to rate my music, or leave a comment. It's cool meeting musicians from the other side of the globe. Rock on! Tom (MUSIC MACHINE 65)

  10. 16-05-2014

    You guys are just great. Thanks for sharing. :-)