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Gisele Anthony - comments

  1. 02-01-2013
    Slam Horse

    Wow! What a unique groove you have! It's so awesome! Love the flute and the vocals! Have a wonderful 2013!

  2. 23-07-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    I love your music so talented the songs just grab me and I feel like the guys on the singing show as my back faces you then I push the button and turn to face you I judge music by the way it hits me and you sure did that may God continue to bless you God bless Gene

  3. 20-07-2012
    A Boy And His Mess

    Thank You So Much Gisele! That really does mean a lot.(Always nice to hear positive feedback) Have a great weekend! -B

  4. 01-07-2012
    Chey Soul

    Hi..Gisele.. You have a gift from above...and thank you for sharing... I loved them have inspired me deep down..look forward to more..thank you..

  5. 29-06-2012

    Excellent work, Giselle. Greetings from Madrid. Eduardo.

  6. 16-06-2012
    Bryan Barcelo

    Each of your songs capture the epitome of it's genre. Very nice.

  7. 15-06-2012
    Garry Hall

    Very beautiful voice you have :>)

  8. 14-06-2012
    sue laver

    Just awesome Tracks and beautiful vocals ...Best of luck in your career !

  9. 14-06-2012

    Beautiful ! I love the vibes.

  10. 13-06-2012
    Greg Ledder

    Wow - fantastic!!! Up there with the best - thank you for the music! Best wishes, Greg x