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Tom Lawrence - comments

  1. 13-05-2014

    Beautifully done Tom. Absolutely classic sounds with that smooth flow.

  2. 28-02-2012
    Garry Hall

    I agree with Kitmann that's a beautiful guitar your holding and you are magical with it.

  3. 28-02-2012

    Love your guitar in the photo, You are such a great artist and it was an honor to listen to your music. You are so smooth with your playing, I guess I better practice harder. Your Friend Kit Mann

  4. 17-12-2011

    nice playin'! God bless.

  5. 17-12-2011
    Gary Roukema

    I have to say, Jazz was never in my "like" department. Having said that, Musicians such as yourself make me wanna listen too more. Your grace and "vocalization" with the strings of your guitar, I can almost hear the lyrics. Keep up the great work. PEACE, LOVE and MUSIC make the world a better place! respectfully, Gary.

  6. 17-12-2011
    Rose of Sharon

    A friend has asked me to teach them how to play and I feel that, since I began learning in the 2nd grade and have played for so many years, I couldn't possibly bring him up to snuff for years. How do you cope with that yawning gap between lifetime musician and beginner?

  7. 17-12-2011
    The Heritage

    read your article and check out the tunes. you are a master.

  8. 17-12-2011
    Brian Neal

    Awesome music...