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  1. 04-04-2012

    Hi Guys glad to meet you, you have a great sound and quality Tracks Keep on Rockin in a Free World

  2. 29-03-2012


  3. 16-02-2012

    Thank you so much for your comments. Means a lot to me, and I'm really glad you enjoyed a song. Kit

  4. 16-02-2012
    The Buddy Harden Band

    Hell Yes .

  5. 16-02-2012

    OH MY...What a great band, first if you ever play in Indianapolis or close by let me know. With that said. I added all your songs to my play list and maxed out all the stars. You singer has a voice like the lead singer of Bad Company, Your lead guitar player, Wow, I would swear it was slash playing on Sweet Child of Mine with you all. Great group, sound and ass kicking music. If you get a chance, and like a little southern rock, on the second page of my music list is Soul Taker Blues re-mix. It will be added to my next cd, would like you feedback on that song. Your Friend Kit Mann