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Bill Creel - comments

  1. 29-08-2012

    Bill, "Daddies Little Girl" floored me! I have not wept to a song for a very long time... such a tender song! God bless you and your loving heart!

  2. 15-07-2012
    Jody Dickey-EDP

    Hi Bill Thank you for the add, enjoy your music

  3. 21-03-2012
    m. thayer

    You really have a roots country sound. Good storyteller..

  4. 12-03-2012

    HI BILL...THAT'S COUNTRY!...I grew up playing country music. You got your heart pointed in the right direction i feel. best of luck to you! wm.

  5. 06-03-2012
    Casey Stevens

    Now thats some good Country Music Bill. Props to you. I listened to 6 songs for now (will be back). Just because I play Rock, doesnt mean I dont like a good Country song. Raised on it. I do own and live on a small farm near Shreveport. About as far in the country as you can get. My cell phone doesnt even work out here. Will tell my friends and pass it along. Have a blessed day. Your new friend and fan - Casey

  6. 29-02-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    Wow Bill got some of your songs on my playlist just love them and what you stand for I do want to meet someday God bless

  7. 24-02-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    this is great country music you really have it great guitar a big five on all plz rate me and God bless