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kitmann - comments

  1. 16-02-2012
    Ryo Utasato

    Dear Kitmann, So beautiful music! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and magnificent universe* Peace & Love* Ryo,

  2. 14-02-2012
    The Buddy Harden Band

    Sounds good !

  3. 14-02-2012

    Thanks for the friendship, nice work. nothing better than the acoustic mello sound, keeps you at peace, and grounded. much luck to you. Peace.

  4. 14-02-2012
    Bard of Ely

    Hello Kitmann! Thanks for being my friend here! I was just checking out your songs. You have sensitive vocals and lyrics and really great songs. I rated the top two gave the second one top ratings and added to my playlist - great work!

  5. 13-02-2012

    Hey kitmann! You remind me a little of Glenn Frey, great sound, I enjoy your music very much, all the best to you! - Andrew