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Bard of Ely - comments

  1. 14-10-2015
    James E Johnson

    Great sounds man!

  2. 02-03-2013
    Netty Mac

    Hi there, just dropped by and man-oh-man - 'Kingfisher' ROCKS!!! Seriously dig that tune. Keep em coming!! Cheerz & have a HUGE day!!

  3. 29-07-2012

    Thanks a lot for your opinion, I'm very glad to know it. I agree with you, Light is not an acoustic song, but unfortunately here there is not a genre a Fairy Decadence.. All my songs are written in this style. I enjoy your music right now, and I should say, it's a real Art! I like all your songs, especially "This Is Our Planet", it sounds very atmospheric and beautiful.

  4. 28-06-2012
    Ajit Singh

    Dear Bard , thanks so much for you kind appreciation . just listening your traks they are great sp. ;One To Three ,Kingfisher , Jungle Love , You're a Liar, Nicky Wire ....... very nice !!

  5. 13-06-2012

    Thank you for the comment my good friend Bard! Great to be friends on here to brother!...much respect...Mojo!

  6. 09-04-2012
    Netty Mac

    EXCELLENT music here!! Will definitely keep coming back for more - I am a fan!

  7. 13-02-2012
    Flux Angel

    I LOVE YOUR MUSIC, Johnny Rotten's still my hero is my favorite, it really gave me good feeling listening to it, I really enjoyed the sound in your a liar, Nicky Wire, and I love the effect on the drums in Harvest Home, I gave all your songs Top rattings. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! KEEP IN TOUCH! peace :D

  8. 05-02-2012

    Love your work Ely, you inspire! All the best to you.

  9. 14-10-2011
    Ajit Singh

    Thanks so much Bard for your nice words it's very spacial to me ....

  10. 06-10-2011

    I really enjoyed listening to your songs and rated accordingly. Keep up the great work!