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  1. 14-04-2012

    Greetings & love from Wv & HP3, will get back some time to listen to your stuff..

  2. 09-04-2012

    Thanks for the kind words! Like the song Tropical Island. It made me want to drink a bottle of tequila. ;-)

  3. 06-04-2012
    Peg O\'Neill

    Loved your first song-tropical! I loved the vocal harmonies, and the really tropical feel. keep up the great work!

  4. 06-04-2012

    Enjoying your music...great

  5. 05-04-2012

    Hey, Man, it took me a while, but I gave Island Town, and Firebird, a listen, and liked 'em a lot. great playin, I gave them 4 across the board. thanks for checkin' out mine, Greg

  6. 04-04-2012
    Phil DeCicco

    Thanks for the input. It was really appreciated. I find your stuff quite soothing as well.

  7. 03-04-2012


  8. 03-04-2012
    Beat It Up Beatz


  9. 03-04-2012
    Dark Heart Alarm

    Cheers, Wango! Your accomplished island vibe makes me want to ditch work and kick back with a margarita. Keep the good grooves flowin'. :)

  10. 02-04-2012

    Thank you for allowing me the Priviledge of listening to your songs. They are all nice songs with great melodies.