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  1. 02-04-2012

    Thank you very much for the comment friend!! We appreciate your kind words and like your music. Specially "Jessica" really good song! Can we use your comment as a quote? :) We really liked it

  2. 30-03-2012
    Kai Roger

    Great music.I like them all.keep that up my friend.

  3. 28-03-2012
    Russell A. Worrell

    Great music here! "Island Town" has a great groove going on!!! wishing you all the best..keep doing great work!

  4. 28-03-2012
    The Buddy Harden Band

    Really like what you're doing .I don't play a lot of acoustic , but enjoy it done well .

  5. 28-03-2012
    Ryo Utasato

    Dear amazing talented friend, Great music! Great voice! Light up my heart! Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much and nice to meet you! With lots of love* Ryo,

  6. 27-03-2012

    Great feel to the songs! Does have a Buffet feel!

  7. 26-03-2012
    Black Light Death

    thank you so much :D \ m/

  8. 25-03-2012
    The Billians

    Excellent tunes! Keep on rockin'

  9. 25-03-2012

    Thank you so much my friend on the comments about When Skies Turn Grey. I wrote this for Karen and her father, after her father passed away.

  10. 24-03-2012

    Thanks for the comment wango we appreciate it, talk to you soon.