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  1. 24-03-2012

    Enjoying your music WM..nice feel, smooth and Regards and thanks for your comment also.... LL

  2. 23-03-2012
    The Program

    quit? quit?!!! nevvveeerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 23-03-2012
    The Program

    Very cool!!! Keep up!!!!

  4. 23-03-2012
    Michael Dimitri

    Enjoyed it all, put me in a very good mood after having a rough night...couldn't sleep...I'm ready to face the day now...thanks loads...very musical 5 across the board.

  5. 23-03-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    Wow I am sure glad you knocked on my door I never saw an artist with so many genres and in every one it is my kind of music I will also fan you on reverbnation as I am there too and always remember you may be surprised when someone grabs onto your songs strong ones here was America that was the truth Light as a feather great jazz Island Town will get you dancing Missouri Misery has no misery in it it gets you dancing I wish we were closer so we could do some stuff together Keep doing this God bless

  6. 21-03-2012

    Hey wm, thanks for checking us out, glad you like our music. I like your music very much also. I like your tropical and Latin stuff. The guitar playing is excellent. I can definitely hear the Jimmy Buffett influence. Keep rockin'!

  7. 21-03-2012

    hi heard your tracks light as a feather and island girl were my fav ,i also appreciate the fact that you took the time to hear my tracks and leave a comment god bless you, dont take this the wrong way because i like your style but it sounded a little like willie nelson goes jazz, i thought that was amazing, keep making that great music , i look forward to hearing more ,best of luck my friend

  8. 20-03-2012
    Korin VG

    Very pleased to meet you. Strong music and songs. I listened with great interest. With best wishes. Korin VG

  9. 18-03-2012

    Amazing sound!!! and great musicianship! Great Production work. Best, P

  10. 17-03-2012

    I would post more of my music, but, I need to finish them and get them copyrighted first.