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  1. 17-03-2012

    Hi there, you really like it ? Thankyou so much, I really have a lot more from where that song came from, I also need musicians, this song was one of my melow songs, I do more heavy'r songs, but I keep them in a range of understanding for everyone to like, just like what you heard. I love creating art with music, What about you??

  2. 17-03-2012

    great productions my friend... very entertaining & exciting... wish you all the best in your musicial pursuit...

  3. 16-03-2012
    Anthony Saliba

    I Thank all of you who took the time to listen,my heart goes out to all of you,and I wish I spent more time at home to do the same for all of you talented people. Antonio"

  4. 16-03-2012
    Bard of Ely

    You have some great songs there!

  5. 15-03-2012
    Rose of Sharon

    You have a sweet sound.

  6. 15-03-2012

    dude yeah! thats classic styles mang, love the guitars and vocals awsome work bro..

  7. 15-03-2012
    J Elizabeth Hardges

    I played and rated all of your songs... In return could you vote for me? Just click on the hearts ♥

  8. 15-03-2012

    Great work Wango Mango! I wish you every success with your music and life! - Andrew.

  9. 15-03-2012
    Michael Stewart

    Island Town and Light as a Feather, are my favorites....Thanks for sharing! Great Music!

  10. 15-03-2012

    hey man ,love the tracks you got very nice keep it up don't give up on the dream great job...........