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  1. 13-03-2012
    Dorothy - Staff member

    Hi Guys! I love the song THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN HEARST COLLIDE. Cool lyrics , great song. keep up the great work. God bless, - Dorothy

  2. 12-03-2012

    Across the board, great talent. But if I were to descend from the heavens and put you in a nightclub, it would be in Florida or the Caribbean. It seems the steel drums are beckoning in your songs that don't have them. I was able to rate Cowboys Rodeo up though; it's got a country feel to it and with an instrument readjustment, could be marketable in Nashville. A damn sight better than what I have been hearing from way too many "artists" on country FM. But with all that said, it is very difficult to get digital sales going and a strong Facebook following. Just last week, Real Country Japan named us "Best American Country Band" so we keep pushing onward and upward. I am taking my songs off TSP once they get below 50 since the site is a matter of "record" on Google and the ratings aren't jiving with the outside reviews. But I will try to support others by listening to their music and rating them when I can. Lastly, it is obvious you enjoy performing. And as far as knowing anyone in the band, you probably are familiar with or know Michael Stanton. He's lead vocalist on four of the most recent songs and a legend in California country music. Best to you and keep on with the music!

  3. 12-03-2012
    Double Deuce Hobby Studio

    You sir are very versitale! Love all your music, really love the Neil Diomand sound in some of your vocals.. great job!

  4. 12-03-2012
    Bill Creel

    Hello Wango Mango, I enjoyed the tunes especially the tropical songs.