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m. thayer - comments

  1. 14-03-2015
    Simon Zattara band

    I like the feeling and sunny rhythm for that good funky song called "Let's Bop" which makes me think of the Caribbean music. Voices are great and the musical performance is welcome. Congrats! SZ

  2. 24-01-2013
    Secret Lane

    Many thanks and greetings from Florence!!!

  3. 19-01-2013
    Ryo Utasato

    Dear wonderful friend, Thank you so much for your friendship! Nice to meet you! Peace & Love always Ryo,

  4. 17-01-2013
    Luiz Antonio Bergonso

    Hi my friend. Thanks for your support. Much success to you! Visit my page on and and Thankful.

  5. 17-01-2013

    hey, thank you for your kind support. great voice .all the best to you. like me on facebook if you like and find the time

  6. 07-01-2013

    Hello all well Am singer in Brazil!!! Visit my page and learn about my sound! Thank you for the strength! I'm number 2 on the ReverbNation R&B/Soul charts is BR.http : //

  7. 03-10-2012
    Joe Lyell

    Love the reggae tune but enjoyed your other tracks too. Thanks for ur friendship.

  8. 16-09-2012
    Ionescu Andreea

    Helo ,thanks for request !!:-)) Have a nice weeck my friend !

  9. 16-09-2012

    Hello, thank you for inviting me here. I am listening to music, adding songs to my playlist, and giving ratings. Any guidance you can give me for making this a successful experience is greatly appreciated.

  10. 02-07-2012

    Thank you very much for your friendship! The time misses us enormously, because we are very very very busy...ALWAYS!!! Music compositions and 3D Graphic Arts (images and video)'s for that we've not a lot of friends in our list, but we consider that ALL The Spotlight Zone members are our friends, because we're in a very nice music familly!!! Then your request is a pleasure for us! Again once, THANKS! LOVE! Peace and Serenity from our Tuscany -Bruno & Ely