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Marek "Dugo" Dugovič - comments

  1. 09-11-2013
    Mattias Törnell

    Hi! Have listened and rated, hope you´ll take the time to do the same for me! =) All the best, Mattias T.

  2. 30-10-2013
    The DoPe Brothers

    Hi Marek, We're glad to support you however, for some reason the add as a friend button seems not to be allowing us to do that anyhoo your music is fabulous.

  3. 07-07-2013
    Bujka Balazs

    Thank You for Your friend invite here, is great, greetings from Budapest,Hungary! Balázs

  4. 25-03-2013
    Vintage Radio Gods

    Thanks for adding Vintage Radio Gods - YOU ROCK!!!

  5. 21-03-2013
    Secret Lane

    Hi, many thanks and greetings from Florence!!!

  6. 07-01-2013

    Thank you for visiting my page much success in 2013 and we are talking i heard his music and I enjoyed the first song congratulations by the talent! Enjoy and visit my page also in I'm number 2 on the ReverbNation R&B/Soul charts is BR.http : //

  7. 19-12-2012
    John Hardman Band

    Enjoyed listening to your varied sounds

  8. 16-12-2012
    Gregory Grant

    Great songs, really liked Angel in Disguise!

  9. 02-12-2012

    I enjoy all of your music very much. Unable to play your top song "Faith (feat. Cuebitze)" but other play ok, Corazon

  10. 03-10-2012
    Joe Lyell

    Thanks for ur friendship. Nice compositions. ~ Joe