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Chris Bayne - comments

  1. 13-12-2014

    I dropped by to hear some great guitar. It's great! Cheers!

  2. 03-07-2014

    Beautifully done and beautifully played when listening to your work.

  3. 01-03-2014

    New Love and Summer Swing are great songs. Gave them great marks. Good to have you as a friend, and enjoyed you bio. Please feel free to rate one of my songs. I would really appreciate it. I am a Christian Writer but love all kinds of music. Brenda Ross

  4. 23-02-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    Hi Chris I stopped by to listen and rate wow you got a high five on every catagory and song but the favorite is Corn On The Cob great guitar Plz rate me keep up and God bless Gene