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JC Wilkinson - comments

  1. 18-12-2013

    Shades of Gordon Lightfoot in your singing and composition. Keep up the great work!

  2. 17-11-2012

    Sorry for my bad english. Is a great song, sincerily. Vocal and strings, awesome. Thanks...

  3. 17-11-2012
    Bard of Ely

    Just rated Second Chances with thumbs up all the way. Wonderful vocals stood out but I thought the guitar although played really well could have done with a warmer sound. Great song though!

  4. 28-02-2012

    JC, because of the title of the song I knew I wanted to here A Soldier's song, Then I heard the finger picking and it drew me right in, beautiful job on the guitar. But when you started to sing the lyrics with the heavenly sound of the female vocals, I started to cry. Had to stop and start over. I'm still tearing up. My friend JC I added this to my song list and gave all 5 stars. You have done such a beautiful job of bringing the scene of battle to the listener. If you would could you post this song on my fb page for my friends and fans. Heres the link I really want to thank you for this song on behave of All Veterans Former SGT KIT R. MANN US ARMY MILITARY POLICE/ RED EYE-STINGER MISSLE GUNNER Brother I would be proud to carry you home. Your Friend Kit

  5. 24-02-2012
    Bill Creel

    Hi JC, I enjoyed listening to your music. Thanks for the friendship. Bill

  6. 22-02-2012

    JC, I am just in Awe of you vocals. It's like listening to Garth Brooks for the first time. I added every song to my playlist and gave you all stars, because a man with a voice like yours, the the storylines in each song deserves it. I couldn't find a song I liked the best because they are all so good. It was a pleasure to come and listen to you. I just hope you find some thing of mine you enjoy as much as I have here. Your Friend and Fan Kit Mann

  7. 22-02-2012
    The Buddy Harden Band

    This is a good song .

  8. 22-02-2012
    Bard of Ely

    I think you are right to have Never Again as your top song and not surprised it has done so well because it is excellent and added to my playlist as well as having given it a top rating. You have a sensitive and very powerful voice and great songs though some of the others I felt didn't have as good production. I have played them all and rated them all too but Never Again is my favourite.