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  1. 13-09-2012

    Hello Brian, Thank You For Supporting Us Here, Best Wishes From Indonesia .. Merci` , SALUSAVA

  2. 03-09-2012
    Mandee and the ABC Girls

    Hi Brian :) thank you so much for your wonderful words of encouragement and caution...We certainly will heed you words and follow God's inspiration. We sing for God and the world. His will be done. As opportunities arise we will be sure to be slow to act and quick to serve the Lord. It is our goal as a family to bring positive, fun, uplifting music to the world. We truly pray every day that our music will touch the hearts of those who listen and change the world! :) Love always...Mandee and the ABC Girls.

  3. 31-07-2012

    Hi! Thanks a lot for the friendship and your pleasant comment, I'm really glad. I like your music, it's very beautiful and amazing. ______We are SchmetterLynx!

  4. 27-05-2012
    Zack Lindskog

    Hey Brian Thanks for the comment really appreciate it! Love those old songs and your touch to them. Good luck also with your original song Take care, Zack

  5. 17-05-2012

    Love your sound Brian, very smooth! and the hat too!:) All the best. - Andrew.

  6. 11-05-2012
    Ryo Utasato

    Dear Brian, Hello amazing talented friend, So beautiful and great music! Great vocals! light up my heart* Absolutely fantastic! Peace & love* Ryo,