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WashingTones - comments

  1. 07-01-2015
    Tassos Sotirakis

    Thumbs up! Nice music, sweet vocals. Keep up the good work!

  2. 05-08-2014
    Makatt =^..^=

    I love Yall Grove U Rock! =^..^= Hugs

  3. 25-05-2014
    Obsidian Blue

    This is really awesome. I love both your songs, actually can't decide which one's the better. But that doesn't matter. Great work with everything. Keep'em coming.

  4. 10-02-2014
    Neal Bing

    Your song Doctor House absolutely ROCKS!!! I like the power of your vocals and the band is just so in-tuned and energized by the song! :) Awesome work!!! :)

  5. 03-01-2013

    Nice songs!

  6. 26-12-2011
    Helder Rock

    Hello, since I’m asking for your friendship, would it be too much to ask you to take a peek at my music? Thanks!