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Tony Watson1 - comments

  1. 23-02-2014
    Eugene Paradis

    Wow How come I did not hear this before...OOOOOH yes..excuse me for getting excited but that is what country music does to me...Great job..

  2. 04-09-2012
    Mandee and the ABC Girls

    Hi Tony! Wow!! You really know how to make a young girl cry. :) You are so kind with your words. Tears of joy flow because of your words of support and affection. :) Your reviews of our songs astound us! We truly pray that the Lord will bless the lives and hearts of those who have ears to hear May God continue to bless you ALWAYS! Love Mandee and the ABC girls :)

  3. 17-06-2012
    Ryo Utasato

    Dear Tony, What a amazing great songs! Great vocals! your music, light up my heart* I'm happy to connect with you! I wish you a very beautiful and wonderful day. With lots of love* Ryo,

  4. 19-05-2012

    Hey there. You nailed it. You have obviously played with symphonies.

  5. 19-05-2012

    Great work Tony, all the best to you! - Andrew.