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The Holland Account - comments

  1. 17-05-2015
    Lynn Langtry

    The Electric Eye! I love this love! Great vocals...and of course intrumentals. Really interested in the message.

  2. 02-01-2013
    Slam Horse

    Love the voice and guitar! The drums are killer! Very well done!

  3. 19-07-2012
    sue laver

    great sounds tight band great vocals too all the best !

  4. 26-06-2012

    Hi Guys, A refreshing change from the norm Rock band great composition and vey strong but not overdone vocals. Totally impressed good luck with all your future compositions. Keep it like the two I just aired and the sky is your limit. Look forward to hearing more and more about you.

  5. 25-06-2012

    "Taking the Bull by the horns"

  6. 06-06-2012

    Yo, The Holland Account is cutting ass and taking names!!! That's what's up! Peace.

  7. 18-05-2012
    Tony Watson1

    Great solid rock! You had my attention, and was waiting for more. What great vocal work, and tremendous musicians all around.