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Mandee and the ABC Girls - comments

  1. 29-08-2012
    The Dependents

    Hey girls! Cool and sincere sound. Keep at it. Our band started very young too. Keep rockin' it. The Dependents

  2. 29-08-2012
    Peg O\'Neill

    I Love, love, love you songs! I am a Christian also so I love Christian music, especially contemporary stuff-although I do sing some pop music myself.-keep it up!

  3. 16-08-2012

    Sands of time was great, So I rated your songs in accordance to feelings that I felt from the song and that's the important factor in music too..

  4. 16-08-2012

    indeed a inspired song full of the unknown journey one goes on in life, in saying that sounds a little like a Neil young classic, which is a good thing! perhaps you need a little work on your calypso but a very well delivered song and group effort for such a young talent as your selves..may your journeys within music and passions bring a light for all of us to listen too and share....don't stop making music girls.. its a LANGUAGE we all understand..

  5. 16-08-2012

    The new song applies to ME. I'm taking ownership of that song for myself because I live it. The Spirit be a'movin. And it's not a joke, but really just an incredible revelation. As if we wouldn't know; but when you -see- it and -hear- it... Though, as He basically said, "you all marvel at these things? Truly I say to you, you will see this and more..."

  6. 16-08-2012
    Paul Street

    Great new tune ladies! Keep up the good work..

  7. 16-08-2012
    Bard of Ely

    I just rated your Trust in the Journey! Lovely song!

  8. 24-06-2012
    Jon Lase

    The song is very very good,I like it very much i gave it another 5 stars. God Bless

  9. 23-06-2012

    Very nice, keep up the good work.

  10. 22-06-2012

    Wishing you all the best ABC Girls! - Andrew