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Mandee and the ABC Girls - comments

  1. 01-06-2012
    Taylor Krom

    Also, check my 'Tell Me' video on youtube at

  2. 01-06-2012
    Taylor Krom

    Hello :) i really appreciate the comment you guys left me! I love it when i collect more listeners and i love inspiring other Artists :). Dont worry about anybody who does not like what you are doing because if you are happy that is all that matters! Keep working hard at what you guys do and everything good will come out of the work you put into it :). It is not an easy industry and it takes work so give it 200% of everything you got! Let people know what you are doing, tell people to check you guys out and get on every musical website as much as you possibly can so more and more people get to know you. Its awesome what you guys are doing and i really hope you never stop :) keep your hearts in it and keep the positivity and love strong :) Sincerley, Taylor Krom