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Bardd - comments

  1. 04-07-2013
    Secret Lane

    Hi, many thanks!!!

  2. 30-06-2013
    Ionescu Andreea

    "Abate no more" .tremendows song ,and very fascinate ,also "Telekinezzar" and really "Living the moment" ..:)

  3. 25-06-2013
    Vintage Radio Gods

    Thanks for adding Vintage Radio Gods!!! Great music on your page!!!

  4. 24-06-2013
    Ionescu Andreea

    So beautiful and original !!!!:)

  5. 24-06-2013
    Bujka Balazs

    Thank You for the friend invite! What a great side and great opportunities here for meet with great musicians and artists! Greetings from Budapest,Hungary! Balázs

  6. 24-06-2013
    Eugene Paradis

    You have great tracks and I am a big blues fan....God bless

  7. 04-12-2012
    The Jellybricks

    Hey Tarzan - Really enjoy the eclecticism, creativity, and skill of your music. Thank you for listening to our music, and for the friend request. Re: 'Who Is God,' I can tell you that the song actually pertains not at all to God, Jesus, or to religion, or faith, for that matter. It's a song about betrayal, and Judas just worked his way into the expression ... which led to a wider metaphor about God. It would have to be wide, since no two people have the same idea about what God means anyway. I suppose our songs reflect all sorts of emotions, but there's no angst toward any creator or diety. This one was just about a relationship with someone, which eventually mended itself, thankfully. Thanks again, and best of luck with your music! - Larry/The Jellybricks

  8. 28-11-2012

    "Jesus" Love the lyrics and Arrangement. Great Message.

  9. 25-11-2012
    Luiz Antonio Bergonso

    Uma ótima e abençoada semana com muito sucesso!!!

  10. 23-11-2012

    Hi Bardd, enjoyed your songs especially your new song "Jesus" and rated. Wishing you every success, John G.